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Machined Graphite Hot Zone Hardware


General purpose extruded graphite, having good resistance to thermal shock. It has good dimensional, electrical and thermal stability, with high density and mechanical strength.

Typical Applications

Crucibles and sintering boats.

Furnace parts.

Heating elements.

Machined components.


Density g/cc   1.73  
Particle size max/average mm   0.38/0.14  
Helium porosity %   15  
Permeability Darcy's 0.004   0.004
Specific electrical resistance u ohm M 7   9.8
Thermal conductivity W/moC 180   120
Flexural strength MPa 23   16
Tensile strength MPa 19.5   12.5
Compressive strength MPa 48    
Young's modulus GPa 11.5   6.8
Coefficient thermal expansion (30 to 100ºC) 10-6 / oC 2.2   3.9
Linear scale hardness MPa   230  
Ash content %   0.07  
Iron content ppm   90  


Machined Graphite Parts

Graphite heaters



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