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Rose Metal ( 94-98°c )


Alloy equivalents


Rose's metal consists of Bismuth, Lead and Tin. Its melting point is between 94oC and 98oC. The alloy

does not contract on cooling
Rose's metal is typically used as a solder, but has also been used to secure cast iron railings and balusters
in stone steps and bases. Rose's metal can also be used for the bending of tubes, and as a heat transfer
medium in constant temperature baths.
The alloy was discovered by the German chemist Valentin Rose the elder.


Melting Point: 94-98ºC
Weight lb/in3: Approx 0.337


Holding items in concrete
Bending copper tubes
constant temperature baths

Available Forms

This material is available in the following forms

Ingot: 1.5 Kg



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