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Bending Thin Walled Tube With Bend Alloy



Hot water tank, temperature 95ºC (approx), cold water tank, running water, cast iron ladle or stainless steel melting tank with hot water - or steam jacket and stainless steel tap.

bending tubes with cerrobend


1. Clean tubing thoroughly to eliminate dust, dirt, swarf, etc.
2. Anneal tubing.
3. Plug or crimp one end of tube.
4. Insert in hot water tank with open end above water level.
5. Fill with straight mineral oil. thinned with paraffin if necessary: vegetable / mineral or treated oils not to be used.
6. Empty oil from tube.
7. Hold tube at an angle of say 30º from horizontal, and slowly pour molten "Bend Alloy"- avoid splashing which may tend to entrap air bubbles. Always melt the alloy in hot water ( ladle ) or in water jacketed tank. Overheating by direct flame mat destroy the properties of the alloy.
8. Place the filled tube in cold water tank, ensuring a constant flow of fresh cold water past the tube. Do not agitate the tube during this operation. Allow 15 to 30 minutes for cooling depending on the diameter of the tube.
9. Take filled tube from cold water, and allow to stand until room temperature is reached, say 15ºC.
10. Perform bending operation smoothly and slowly.
11. Insert bent tubing in hot water tank and drain out alloy.
12. Take empty tube and plunge in cold water tank to freeze any remaining droplets of alloy.
13. Use "pull through" to remove frozen droplets. A weight an string dropped trough the bent tube will prove the easies method to use. Pull through gently with the free end of the string.
14. Clean tube to remove oil film.




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