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Bend Alloy( 70°c )


Alloy equivalents

AIM 70 CerroBEND Indalloy 158 Ostalloy 158 Asarcolow 158


Also known as 'Cerro Bend' This alloy, one of the group of low melting point (fusible) alloys, based on Bismuth metal, is the most widely used in industry. One of its chief characteristics is expansion on solidification from the molten state, making it ideal for the support of thin-walled metal tube during bending operations. Tubes and piping can be bent to quite small radii without the risk of crimping, buckling or flattening the tube walls when bend alloy is used as a filling material for support to prevent distortion under the complex stresses imposed on the tube walls by the bending operation. A modified version of this tube bending process is widely used for bending extruded or fabricated open sections. Bend alloy cast around the section affords support and permits the metal to be bent like a solid bar without buckling or cross-sectional distortion. Other uses are detailed below.

Cerro Bend

Bend Alloy Ingots

pipes bent with cerro bend

Tube shapes easily formed with the aid of
tube bending alloy

bending section with cerro bend

Bending a section with Bend Alloy


Please see Bending Tube page for details.



Melting Point: Eutectic 70ºC
Weight lb/in3: Approx 0.34
Max Sustained Safe Load: 300 lbs/in²
Brinell Hardness: Approx 9.0
Growth After Casting: Up to max 0.006" Per inch.


Bending rolled or extended sections.
Press tools small and large.
Casting for reproduction of fine detail.
Gas tight seals.
Fusible plugs and links.
Bending thin-walled tubing in Copper, Brass, Mild and Stainless steel.

Available Forms

This material is available in the following forms

Ingot: 1 Kg larger ingots on request



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